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Welcome to the OBiCMS Framework

OBiCMS Framework is a widget based CMS framework developed in C# which enables the user to be able to create their own widgets which are cached and refreshed at a creators defined rate, this results in extremely fast page generation times.

Example usage : Example Page

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Help Required

If you like the look of this project and would like to help improve how it works then get in touch, we are looking for developers to make this project a success.

Why use OBiCMS Framework

We have been building web applications and sites for many years now for small to medium sized companies and one of the hardest things is to make a site
easy for the end user and also customisable enough so that the users can request new features to be added simply.

OBiCMS Framework is a widget based framework, the main features of this CMS mean that the end user can make and add templates as they require and
the developers simply create widgets from the WidgetBase abstract class. Once the end user has a collection of suitable widgets they can begin to create
there pages on the site.

The OBiCMS Framework has also been design so that the developers can do what they do best, make there ideas become reality. They simply reference
the OBiCMS framework, create a new class and inherit from the WidgetBase class. Once this is done the developer has to provide the widget with code
to load its self and also the code to generate its self. Using those two methods each widget is free to work how ever the developer requires it to work.

One of the more unique parts of the OBiCMS Framework is its ability to automatically refresh the settings behind the scenes. Pages, Templates and Widgets
all automatically re-call there Load methods at a rate which is defined by the developer. You might be asking, why is this a good thing?
The reason the OBiCMS Framework works this way is to eliminate any loading times from affecting the end users experience on your site. Because the widgets
are automatically refreshed the developer can load all the information required for there widget to work, knowing that it will get re-called every X seconds.
With all this in memory each time the widget gets asked to generate its content all its data is instantly available, only the speed in which the widget processes
its output is what dictates how long the end user will wait for there page.

How the OBiCMS Framework processes request

Below is a fairly standard HTTP request on an IIS box
Normal HTTP Request - Visio 2003
Normal HTTP Request

And here is how the same request is handled with the OBiCMS framework installed.
HTTP Request with OBiCMS Framework - Visio 2003
HTTP Request with OBiCMS Framework - Jpg

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