OBiCMS Framework ChangeLog

Version Beta 1.3 - Ref 00004

Addition : Added the ExampleWidgets project to the solution for an easy example.

Removed : Removed Layout code, expanded Template class to evoke its functionality.

Change : Templates can now have nested templates, this allowed us to remove the Layout layer.
Change : Moved the Javascript PACK method to run when the javascript changes instead of every time its called.

Version Beta 1.2 - Ref 00003

Fix : Added missing Ref points to the ChangeLog.

Addition : Added Dean Edwards implementation of Javascript PACK.

Switch this deature on by adding the following AppSettings to web.config.

Key Value
JavascriptPackEncoding : none or numeric or mid or normal or highascii
JavascriptPackFastDecode : true or false
JavascriptPackSpecialChars : true or false

Version Beta 1.1 - Ref 00002

Change : On the BasePage class I have changed a lot of the public properties, methods and classes etc to use internal as the end developer using the framework will not need to use these functions as they are for the framework to operate nothing to do with how there widgets are implemented.

Fix : layout had a list of basepagejob’s this was incorrect. The only object that should have jobs are the basepage and the basepagejob itself.

Fix : ContextManager.Getsession was throwing exception if the session value was not there so we have tested for null and returned a blank string if this is the case.

Addition : Added the ContactManager.SessionID property which exposes the HTTPContext.Session.SessionID.

Addition : Added ContextManager.Request propert which exposes the HTTPContext.Request property.

Adition : Added “PostBack” to the BaseWidget class, this will be used for any Widget that requires different logic for a submit than it does for a standard generate. For example a Form.


Version Beta 1 - Ref 00001
Created the OBiCMSFramework.


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